The 4th
Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Conference will be held

Wed-Thu November 18-19, 2009 in

Boston, Massachusetts at the

Sheraton Hotel and Hynes Convention Center.








Conference Logo

The 4th Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Conference (CCNC) will be held in Boston, immediately prior to the 50th annual meeting of The Psychonomic Society, November 19-22.  Future meetings will continue to be coordinated on a rotating basis with other meetings.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Online abstract submission extended to August 15, 2009. Click Abstract Submission button to submit.

Online registration is now open!

Preliminary 2009 Program:

Neil Burgess, University College London
Josh Tenenbaum, MIT
  • Interactive & interdisciplinary symposia
  • Contributed talks & poster sessions

CCNC Mission Statement

The field of cognitive neuroscience has flourished due to advances using multiple methodologies such as anatomy, physiology, imaging, and behavior. Given the progress that has been made in each of these areas, the time is ripe for strong theoretical frameworks that can relate different levels of analysis, moving beyond basic brain/behavior correlations. The emerging field of Computational Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN) is ideally suited to help fill this need through the use of mathematical analysis and explicit computational models that bridge the gap between biological mechanisms and cognitive function. This meeting focuses on research at the intersection of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and computational modeling, where neuroscience-based computational models are used to simulate and understand cognitive functions such as perception, attention, learning and memory, language, and higher-level cognitive functions. CCN research benefits greatly from collaboration with various non-modeling researchers for developing and interpreting relevant empirical data. A major goal for this conference is to create fruitful opportunities for modelers and non-modelers to interact.

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Organizing Commitee:
  • Suzanna Becker ~ McMaster University
  • Carlos Brody ~ Princeton University
  • Nathaniel Daw ~ New York University
  • Michael Hasselmo ~ Boston University
  • David Noelle ~ University of California - Merced
  • Ken Norman ~ Princeton University
  • Maximilian Riesenhuber ~ Georgetown University Medical Center


  • Jonathan Cohen ~ Princeton University
  • Randall O'Reilly ~ University of Colorado Boulder
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The organizing committee is grateful to acknowledge a sponsorship contribution by TiCS for 2005 and 2006 --- Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

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